About Steven Ragsdale

Certified Personal Trainer | Running Coach | Wellness Coach


steven-ragsdale-bioFor as long as I can remember, health and fitness have been a primary focus in my life. As a former high school athlete and United States Marine, the expectations of my own personal level of athleticism have always been high. We are given one body and one life, and it is my belief that we owe it to ourselves to maintain the highest level of personal health and wellbeing that we are each individually capable of achieving.


I have been guiding individuals to maintain their health and fitness goals for over 20 years, and received my Certified Personal Training Certificate in 2006. I also possess additional certifications in Biomechanics of Strength Training, Dietary Guidance, and Wellness Coaching. The personal training sessions are done in a private gym in Far North Dallas / Richardson area. There are no gym fees.


As a Certified Personal Trainer, my focus is to provide my clients with a balance of strength, endurance, cardiac fitness, flexibility, and core strength. As a Wellness Coach, I strive to help my clients reach equilibrium with their physical health, mental wellbeing, and nutritional habits. My passion for what I do is equaled by my commitment to providing my clientele
with an overall state of wellness by achieving a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Sedentary lifestyle… let’s run from it!