Corporate Fitness Classes



PTS corporate fitness classes are open to adult men and women of all ages that are currently healthy enough* for athletic activity. The classes are designed to challenge each participant’s current athletic abilities, and propel them towards their next level of personal fitness.

bullet-red-23pxIn the year 2010, an estimated 365,000 Americans died from being inactive and overweight
bullet-red-46pxA 2002 Harvard investigation found that total physical activity – including running, weight training and walking – was associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease
bullet-red-46pxIn 2005, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that in treating mild-to-moderate depression, the more calories a person expends in exercising, the more they improve emotionally
bullet-red-46pxThrough a comprehensive curriculum, Steven provides each class with a unique balance of strength training, cardiac fitness, flexibility, and core development in both indoor and outdoor settings
bullet-red-46pxEach participant receives a comprehensive analysis of their body composition and current abilities before beginning, and progress analysis at each class to track progress and goals
bullet-red-46pxAs a former United States Marine, Steven’s discipline and training provide encouragement, enthusiasm and positive motivation for his clients
bullet-red-69pxThe increasing prevalence of chronic medical conditions and diseases related to physical inactivity – including heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis – may result in decreased work productivity by employees unable to work because of illness and disability. Regular physical activity is proven to reduce this epidemic.
bullet-red-69pxPhysical activity can improve employee concentration and productivity by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine (which directly affect mood and feelings). Additionally, people who regularly exercise experience increased blood flow and improve concentration, making them better able to solve problems and make complex decisions.
bullet-red-46pxWorkplace physical activity programs can reduce short-term sick leave by 6-32%, reduce health care costs by 20-50%, and increase productivity by 2-52%.

Fitness Casses will consist of up to 20 participants, and are conveniently held at your place of business, or at a predetermined location in the North-Central Dallas area.

* It is each participant’s responsibility to speak with their doctor about their current state of health, and ability to participate in a fitness class. PTS cannot be held responsible for the development of, or complications to, any health or medical conditions.


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