Fitness Class Testimonials

Steven is an incredible fitness coach. A session with Steven is no walk in the park; you will sweat, you will hurt but you will also go further than you thought you could ever go. His advice on nutrition and taking care of your body has been invaluable. The values he has instilled in us – hard work, discipline and integrity – are vital to sustaining a fitness regime and a healthy lifestyle.

- Sourabh

This class has changed my outlook on working out to be more positive and fun! I have been a part of the classes for over a year now, and my weeks are always better when I come to class. I have met a lot of wonderful people through the class. The class is challenging but everyone is so supportive you never want to give up. I like the variety of exercises we do and each week is a surprise. Steven is a great motivator and trainer – his class is awesome! I definitely see a difference in myself from when I first started both physically and mentally.

- Ashley

The fitness class course with Coach Steven has been great. I now know a lot of people and we share a common bond due to participating in the blood, sweat, and tears of the fitness class. Truthfully, if it wasn’t for this class I wouldn’t be in the shape I am in today. It pushes me physically and most importantly it pushes me mentally. I am a more confident person, I can endure tough times longer, and I realize the importance of having teammates not only in class, but also in life. I am grateful for this class and Coach Steven.

- Dexter

Steven’s Fitness Class has really helped me become a better person overall. When I first started this class, I signed up because I had just moved and wanted something to do to kill time. After listening, feeling, and understanding the messages he communicated to us, I told myself “I want to be committed to this class as well as in my everyday life”. I now work-out 4-5 days a week in addition to our scheduled Monday class. I’m now more cognizant of what I eat and what I drink, so I feel healthier and also to give my body the daily maintenance needed in order to stay in shape (e.g.: drinking more water, eating smaller portions, and eating healthier) Prior to starting this class none of these traits were conducive with my lifestyle. Also, being proactive; doing things I normally wouldn’t have done. This came about when Steven gave his end-of-session speech; he admitted to us that he was tired, it was raining outside and he really didn’t want to run…but he sucked it up and did it. This is when I told myself “I need to do better” and I have.

- Christopher

I’ve always considered myself in pretty good shape as I have a passion for working out and staying fit. However I’ve had difficulty finding a fitness class that both meets my high expectations while being fun. Now I look forward to being a part of Stevens fitness class every Monday because I know that I am going to get a great workout in the company of wonderful people. Steven tailors his workouts based on each participant’s baseline assessment and therefore, each individual’s distinct fitness needs and goals are addressed. Not only does he “kick our butts” (in a good way) on Mondays but he motivates us to work out and eat healthy in general and often sends us emails with useful tips on a healthy lifestyle, in addition to checking on our progress. I personally enjoy this class and recommend it (and Steven) to anyone who is serious about getting or staying in shape!

- Kim

I have benefited most from the Fitness Class because Steven’s philosophy aligns very closely with my own in terms of a holistic approach to health. As an instructor, he assumes the responsibility to provide his class with the knowledge necessary for the mind, body, and spirit to connect. His presence as a leader among the class creates a professional, yet very personal and enthusiastic environment, conducive to accommodating those of all skill levels. The growth I have experienced through this class is not limited to my faster running pace or increased arm strength; I have learned the values of interdependence among teams and how to go about living a life of intention.

- Savanna

Steven’ fitness class is a challenge for everyone. Steven spends the time evaluating our strengths, weaknesses, speed, agility, and limitations. He provides a well-balanced team atmosphere to push even the laziest of persons to compete and assist in promoting the overall performance of each participant. Our teams strive to challenge and push each other to achieve our best. The class is not only a great fitness challenge for me, it also promotes a team environment of encouragement and friendship.”

- Ashlei


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