Peak Performance Training Class


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Peak Performance Training Classes are open to adult men and women who are prepared and committed to the classes. By using a variety of training techniques, the classes are designed to establish your peak performance. Whether you’re competing athletically or maintaining your fitness level for an active lifestyle, this class will definitely enhance your performance. The training will include sprints, speed work, upper-body conditioning, agility, core development, and flexibility enhancement. The Training Classes are done in Far North Dallas / Richardson area.

Before the 8-week Peak Performance Training begins, the participants will undergo a free physical fitness assessment. This assessment will include testing dynamic strength, core strength, flexibility, waist circumference and cardiac capabilities. This group assessment provides me with the necessary information to monitor and track individual progress during the course of the class. Additionally, the initial fitness assessment allows us to establish personalized goals for each student to achieve by the end of the 8-week cycle.

To maximize your potential during each class, I strongly advise that each participant be properly nourished, hydrated, and well rested, to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from the class.

Sedentary lifestyle… let’s run from it!