Personal Training Testimonials


Beth has been training with me for 5 years. Her activities are swimming, golfing, kayaking and power walking.

“Long term health is an important goal for me. Working with Steven ensures that I exercise on a regular basis. Steven is professional, encouraging and insistent that I stay on target. He provides varied workouts and is attentive to form.”
– Beth, Plano

Bryan has been training with me for 4 years. His activities are weight lifting, road cycling and keeping up with his daughter.

“I’ve  always been athletic, and have participated in competitive sports just about my whole life. But with the birth of my daughter over 5 years ago, and  the rigors of starting my own business 3+ years ago, my personal time became precious… and my fitness routines suffered. Steven has not only helped keep me accountable to myself, but he has also re-educated me on health and fitness practices that I had been wrong about for years. My time with Steven, both as my personal trainer and wellness coach, is beyond invaluable, and I look forward to him keeping me on the right  track for years to come.”
– Bryan, Lewisville

Chris has been training with me for 5 years. His activities are hiking, mountain biking, road cycling and snow skiing.

“Working with Steven has helped me stay active without the old person soreness and heavy breathing that I see so many other people my age doing. He works on my core strength, balance and strength training, which allows me to be as active as I was in my 20′s. I weighed 227 lbs. when I started training with Steven. I was in fair shape but my exercises were mundane and I did not focus on my core strength. I have never felt better since training with Steven and I stay at 205lbs. Now I can easily ride 50 miles on my bike!”
– Chris, Highland Park

Jill  has been training with me for 6 years and 10 months. Her activities are  yoga, scuba diving, jogging, race walking and weight lifting.

“Training with Steven has been motivating, inspiring, educational and specifically directed to individual needs and issues. His knowledge and expertise has developed me into better physical condition with more appreciation for training the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Steven has enriched my life because of his wellness approach to personal training.”
– Jill, Dallas

Paul has been training with me for 5 years and 7 months. His activities are walking, weight lifting and horticulture.

“Steven is great! Since training with Steven, I have lost 35lbs, learned how to exercise properly, and built strength as well as confidence. As a result of training with Steven, I did get stronger but what I did not anticipate was the confidence I now feel in and out of the gym. He takes personal training to an exciting new level. He offers expert technical advice and combines it with passion and encouragement. His balanced workouts are challenging and fun. Steven clearly possess a wealth of knowledge which he freely shares with his clients.”
– Paul, Carrollton

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