Certified Wellness Coaching


“I’ve been training with Steven for 5 years and I like that he provides a combination of proven training methods, experience, knowledge, and encouragement. Steven has helped me not only with weight training, weight loss, cardiovascular exercise, endurance, and nutrition, but more importantly a new and exciting approach to personal health and wellness. I have a deep amount of respect for Steven and consider his “Life & Wellness Coaching” skills part of the foundation of my health today.

– Paul, PTS Client

Wellness encompasses the whole person. Our spiritual, mental, physical, social, and emotional lives intertwine in complex ways that we aren’t always cognizant of. As a Certified Personal Wellness Coach, I will help you find balance with your mind, body and spirit. I provide ongoing partnerships that will guide you through improving your performance and enhancing your life. I am there to listen, observe, and customize my approach based on your needs, and will seek strategies and solutions to support you with realistic goals. I will provide guidance in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and health related issues.
Wellness sessions take place by telephone. The initial session will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes, and the remaining sessions will be 30 minutes. I enforce a confidentiality agreement with you to ensure that you understand all information divulged will be held in the strictest confidence. Together we will discuss the issues in your life that are causing you the most challenges, and I will guide you to empower yourself to find solutions.